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Achy Toe Joints

Each day the feet endure a tremendous amount of use. Whether at work or at play the feet are a constant part of each activity that one participates in. Although the feet are of the upmost importance, many tend to fail in the area of maintaining their care. At one time or another nearly all individuals will probably experience some type of feet pain.

Many suffer with toe joint pain on a regular if not daily basis and this condition can have numerous causes. Achy toe joints may be accompanied by extreme toe stiffness and toe pain as well as other symptoms, depending upon the cause of the aching and pain.

Probable Causes

In some of the simpler scenarios, achy toe joints may be caused by an individual’s choice in footwear. More often than not individuals wear shoes that are not the right size or that are too tight and fail to have enough room in the toe box so the toes are therefore cramped and the joints are immobilized for the period of time they are in the shoes which may cause the joints to become irritated and ache. Some develop arthritis in the joints of the toes and with this one usually experiences a steady aching and often severe pain. Another cause may be injury or traumas to the toes of the feet that may leave the joints damaged or cause them to begin deteriorating.

Many people suffer from achy toe joints due to their occupations. Often they are required to squat or stoop for a much of their work day and this puts an added amount of tension and stress on the joints of the toes and soon they begin to ache. Continued amounts of stress and straining of the joints may cause the cartilage to basically wear out resulting in the aching. Often those who work for many hours during a day suffer from a lack of rest and without this adequate rest the joints of the overworked toes begin to ache. Obesity as well as a sedentary lifestyle can play a major role in the poor condition of the joints. Most generally these two causes accompany one another.

Treating the Ache

It is necessary for all the joints of the body to function properly because each movement that is made by the body requires joints in order to complete the movement. Quite a bit of restriction can be placed on the day to day activities when there is a dysfunction in the joints not only in the toe joints but the joints throughout the entire body. The underlying cause of the achy toe joints will dictate the toe pain treatment:

• Sometimes, the ache in the joints of the toe can be relieved with simple OTC medications used as directed.
• Often warm foot soaks for fifteen to twenty minutes at the end of the day may relieve or lessen the aching.
• Certain analgesic creams can be applied to the toes to help reduce the ache.
• A regimen of exercises with the toes may help.
• Wearing shoes with a roomy toe box so as not to cramp the toes together during activities.

When treatments at home fail and the joints of the toes begin to ache unbearably, it may be beneficial to seek the advice of a physician or podiatrist. Further testing and evaluation will help to determine the problematic cause and therefore help in a plan of care and treatment.
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