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Alpha Hydroxy Acid as an Exfoliate for Feet

In the highly competitive market of today, there are many products available that boast to be the better choice and many of them are nearly identical in content as well as performance. Each person has a different skin type and therefore will require a different skin regimen for optimum results.

Most of the skin products available have alpha hydroxl acid as one of the main ingredients to provide exfoliation of the skin. Alpha hydroxy acid works so well due to its remarkable skin penetration abilities. Products with a concentration of five to eight percent will work much better than others.

Types of Alpha Hydroxy Acid

In general, individuals do not realize that there are different types of alpha hydroxy acids. These acids are derivatives of milk and fruit sugars with the most used being lactic and glycolic acid. The five major types of these alpha hydroxy acids that are usually contained in products for the skin and the source from which they are derived are as follows:

• Lactic acid is derived from milk.
• Glycolic acid is a derivative of sugar cane.
• Malic acid derives from apples and pears.
• Tartaric acid is derived from grapes.
• Citric acid derives from lemons and oranges.

Explaining AHA’s Actions

As we know, alpha hydroxy acid’s main action is that of an exfoliant. Using alpha hydroxy acid will cause deadened epidermal skin cells to begin to slough off and allow for the growth of new skin. Stimulation in the production of elastin and collagen also occurs. This in turn aids in improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles, helps rid skin of any rough texture, and may even help in the disappearance of mottled pigmentation and other blemishes. Some of these results will vary and usually only occur with daily application over several months.

Beneficial to the Feet

An individual’s feet generally endure more stress than any other part of the body. However, not everyone tends to maintain their feet and deliver proper care. Products containing alpha hydroxy acid can be used on the feet in liberal amounts to help in the removal of dead skin and aid in the rejuvenation of new skin. This will soften and moisturize the feet and hinder corns and calluses from forming while also softening the toenails and cuticles allowing for a better pedicure which will decrease the formation of ingrown toenails as well as lessen the chance for the development of any fungal infections.

Most find convenience in performing foot care at the end of the day and usually just before retiring for the night. Applying the product at this time makes it much more likely that it will be given the proper amount of time to absorb into the skin and begin the exfoliation process. Individuals should make this a daily ritual as it will take some time before results can be seen as well as felt. Exfoliation makes the skin feel silky smooth and soft while giving it a healthy and naturally glowing appearance.

Some Side Effects

While using skin care products containing alpha hydroxy acid, individuals should be cautious to the possibility of side effects. With repeated use, some have experienced irritation of the skin including a burning sensation, itching, redness, some pain, and occasional scarring. There is a heightened sensitivity to sunlight as well when using these products. One’s sensitivity to sunlight increases by fifty percent with the use of alpha hydroxy acid containing products. However, this simply can be avoided by choosing a sunscreen with both UVB and UVA protection. One should also select a sunscreen with a very high SPF.
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