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Best Solutions for Toenail Discoloration

Most toenail discolorations are caused by a nail fungus and may be not only embarrassing but painful and irritating as well. Some cases may become unbearable and in order not to reach that point it is of the upmost importance to start some sort of treatment as soon as possible. There are a wide variety of solutions that range in level of difficulty and price. Individuals must keep in mind that not all treatments will work for everyone and therefore more than one technique may have to be used. Regardless of the treatment used consistency will play a major role in its potential success meaning that a set regimen must be followed closely until the discoloration disappears.

Some of the recommended treatments and remedies that one may try are:

• Very few people would think that some of the products that they already have in their medicine cabinets could help with the discoloration of their toenails. However unexpected as it seems though, mouthwash can be effective in killing nail fungus because it has antiseptic qualities. Try filling a small pan of some sort with any antiseptic mouthwash and leaving one or both feet in the pan for several minutes a day. Dry completely with a clean towel making sure to get between the toes also. Repeat this each day for a several weeks or until changes occur in the color of the nails.
• Vapor rub is another substance that can be found in most homes. Treat the nail by applying a thin coat of the substance to the nail and cuticle. Follow this by placing a bandage securely around the toe and leaving it for two to three hours. Again, be consistent and repeat this each day for a week or until discoloration begins to go away.
• Rubbing alcohol can also be used as a foot bath. Each day soak the discolored toenails in the alcohol for about twenty minutes and then completely dry. Dry the toes and feet completely. Try this method for about a week and if no results are seen switch to another treatment.

Some Signs of Infection

About six million people suffer with discoloration of toenails due to fungus. This fungus is contagious and can be spread for human to human. There are many colors of the fungus besides yellow. It also shows up in green, brown, and even white. Discoloration is not the only sign of the infection; also a person may have split nails or cracked nails. It may become bumpy, scaly, thick, and loss of the nail may occur. Antibiotic Therapy Once an individual has tried the remedies and they find nothing seems to be working, it may be necessary to seek medical consultation. Most will prescribe an oral antifungal medicine. It may take an extended amount of time for the medication to work as the nail will need to grow and eventually be replaced by a new and healthy nail.
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