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Best Way to Give a Foot Massage

Most people are on their feet each day for a great deal of time. Some have jobs that require them to stand for most of the workday while others may have jobs where they are walking throughout the biggest part of the day. Whatever the case may be, nearly everyone’s feet take a great deal of abuse and neglect on a daily basis. One way to help alleviate foot pain at the end of long and tiresome day is with a foot massage. Any type of massage can be very enjoyable and help in relieving stress and inducing relaxation.

Learning to Massage

Individuals that deliver massages often find that in doing so that they relieve some of their own stress and tension. Most everyone has tension spots and these are the areas that should be focused on. One of best areas to massage in order to relieve tension and stress is, however, the feet. To deliver an effectively relaxing massage, try following some of the following steps:

• Before starting, do a foot bath in oil scented warm water for around ten to fifteen minutes. Try having a warm towel to dry the feet as warming the feet starts the relaxation process.

• Have the person to recline with legs and feet comfortably elevated. Only one foot will be massaged at a time, try to keep the other foot wrapped in a warm towel.

• Rub any type of soothingly scented foot cream, lotion or massage oil all over the foot stopping just over the ankle.

• Start the massage by slowly and gently stretching the foot from side to side then in circles as well as up and down. While doing this, one hands needs to be used to support the foot by holding the heel while the other manipulates the foot.

• Both hands should now be used to slightly squeeze the individual’s foot and slowly move up to the ankle and then back down the foot to the toes. This should be repeatedly done with the firmness of the squeeze increasing ever so slightly.

• Now with both of the hands the foot is to be softly and slowly twisted from side to side over several minutes. At anytime lotion or oil can be reapplied if needed.

• After this, the foot will be stroked using all fingers. Begin by firmly stroking the top of the foot while the thumbs stroke the sole of the foot.

• Now the toes will need to be massaged well. Place thumbs on the bottom of the foot underneath the toes and place fingers on top the foot at the base of the toes on the joints that connect the toes to the foot. Massage firmly in a clockwise and the counter clockwise motion. Slowly increase the firmness and the decrease the firmness.

• After the toes have been massaged in this manner, between the toes should be massaged by placing fingers in between them and rubbing in a back and forth motion.

• After the toes have been completely massaged, the bottom of the foot should be massaged by making a circular motion using the thumbs followed by stroking across the width of the foot as well as from the heel area to the toes. Finish the massage by lightly kneading the skin of the entire foot and then wrapping it in a warm towel before beginning on the other. Remember that using plenty of lotion or oil makes for easier massaging.
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