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Brittle and Ridged Toenails

Some individual’s toenails often become brittle and rigid. The body’s nails and skin often are thought of as signs of overall health and wellness. Any conditions that develop are most generally the result of a fungal infection or a nutritional deficiency. Sometimes problems that develop with the nails can also be a marker that there may be a disease relative to an organ.

Those of an older age are most commonly the group of people who suffer the most with brittle nails. These nails are easily broken and often peel at the very tip of the nail. In some cases, the toenail will become discolored in addition to the other problems. Some other causes of brittle nails and nail ridges are:

• The nail becomes dry due to a lack of moisturization. This moisturization is not only applied through the use of lotions and creams but also naturally produced by the body. The body produces a certain amount of oil or sebum and when this production decreases the nails will get dry.
• The winter months are very hard on the condition of the toenails due to the extreme amount of exposure to the heat indoors.
• Using harsh remover for nail polish too often.
• Over exposure to chemicals contained in cleaning products and many detergents and even some soap.
• Having ones feet in water for an extensive amount of time will cause the expansion of the nail and then contraction of the nail as it dries. This also weakens the nail.
• A nutritional or vitamin deficient diet.
• Malnutrition of the individual.
• A type of fungus can infect the nails of the toes causing them to thicken as well as become rigid, brittle, and discolored.
• Inadequate supply of oxygen due to respiratory conditions.
• Having psoriasis.
• Hyper and hypothyroidism.
• Eczema.
• Dehydration.

Importance of Nail Care

There several different beneficial things that an individual can do to help combat this condition of the toenails. Many home remedies may help the vitality of the nails such as the use of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar. Proper foot care and hygiene as well as meticulous nail care will aid in prevention of issues of the toenails. Toenails should be maintained by frequently cleaning, clipping, and filing the nails. A quick warm foot bath before starting will slightly soften the nails making and thicker nails much easier to work with. The feet should always be dried thoroughly with a clean towel being sure to also dry between the toes. One should apply moisturizer to the nails and massage it in making sure to rub into the cuticles.

Medical Advice

When an individual begins to suffer with developing problems of the toenails and nothing seems to be helping the signs and symptoms that they are experiencing, the advice of a physician or podiatrist should be gotten. Many times prescription medication or ointment may be needed to resolve the condition. A simple evaluation will help the physician in making a diagnosis and starting a treatment for the ailment.
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