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What are Bunion Slings and Do They Work

An area of enlargement to the inner part of a joint localized to the bottom of the big toe is a bunion. This joint that has enlarged is often due to added formation of bones that are accompanied by the big toe being improperly aligned and this may cause it to be tender, red, and mild to severe pain. The bursa which is a tiny sac filled with fluid that is close to the joint may become irritated and inflamed causing additional foot pain and swelling.

Men are less likely than women to get bunions due to the uncomfortable shoes such as high heels that a woman wears. Other bunions may be part of the disease process of existing medical conditions such as defects that are inherited, arthritis, or can be caused simply by the amount of stress placed on the feet. One of the common treatments to give the bunion pain some relief is the bunion sling.

Slings for Bunions

The bunion sling provides a great deal of benefits to those who have bunions. It must be used as directed by the physician or podiatrist whom has ordered it. One should use the sling in the following manner:

• A bunion sling can bring much relief to those suffering from the pain of this growth.
• This device will aid in the alignment of joint of the great toe and will lower the strain that is on the bunion with activity. The sling gradually pushes the great toe from beside the second toe.
• Helps to minimize to deformity of joints by making the tendons and muscles longer. Bunion slings are more beneficial as the bunion begins but they do not permanently rid the individual of the bunion. They relieve the pain of having a bunion however.

One should be sure to wear correct shoes with a roomy toe box and avoid the use of high heels whenever possible while they have a bunion. When all other types of treatment have failed to work, bunion surgery may be needed.

Sling Design

Even though an individual is having a lot of discomfort from the formation of a bunion, they must still carry on with their daily activities such as working and fitness. Bunion slings are made of a light weight material. The sling itself is slim-lined and the muscles and tendons are only gently stretched. This eventually will cause the big toe to become straight and allow the pressure to somewhat subside. The foamy material acts as a moisture wick and cushions the foot while absorbing moisture. Bunion slings are not for those with diabetes to use due to their poor circulation and neuropathy.
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