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Do Heel Grips Work

Often a person will find that for one reason or another, their shoes no longer fit like they once did and have suddenly became too big and while walking the shoes are slipping up and down in the heel area. This is often the result of a person losing weight which will affect the way shoes fit the slimmer feet.

Some people often try numerous techniques to make the shoes more comfortable such as wearing more than one pair of socks. This can make the feet sweat and in general may be very uncomfortable. Others stuff the toes of the shoes with such things as tissue paper and again this causes discomfort and may cramp the toes causing even further problems with the toes.

One solution for this problem is the application of heel grips to the back of the shoes. These snugly adhere to the inside of the heel of the shoe and keep the heel from slipping up and down. Heel grips also are beneficial in keeping blisters and other irritations from forming on the heels from the slippage of shoes.

Different Types

Heel grips come in many different materials. Most are made of a foam rubber material and are less durable than some of the other materials available. These come in a variety of colors that can often be matched and coordinated to the shoes a person is wearing. Most all of these are one size fits all but in some of the more expensive shoe stores there may be several sizes available to accommodate different types and sizes of shoes.

Heel grips are attached to the shoe by the adhesive backing making it impossible to remove them and place them into another pair of shoes. Therefore, a person will need to place a different set into each pair of shoes that need them. The grips also fit into the shoes snug and cannot be seen as they are contoured to the shape of a shoe.

This shoe accessory is also available in different thicknesses and when selecting thickness individuals should keep in mind the amount of extra space they are trying to fill with the grips.

Additional Information

One should always try to wear shoes that properly fit in order to avoid added stress and foot pain. When the perfect fitting shoe cannot be found it is much better to select those that are somewhat bigger than ones that are too little. Individuals should try to take proper care of their feet. This not only includes wearing the right kind and size of shoe but also maintaining the skin to avoid breakdowns such as the formation of corns and calluses as well as bunions.

Hammertoe can also become an issue when shoes of the wrong size are worn. Moisturization of the skin of the feet and regular nail care should be performed on a regular basis. Foot soaks often help with skin issues as well as helping in the relaxation of the feet.
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