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Foot Pain During Pregnancy

The most common complaint that women who are with child seem to have is fatigue. Other complaints are heel pain and arch of the foot pain. Women most generally have extra weight up to thirty-five pounds. They tend to adjust to this by changing the way in which they walk. They tend to walk while slightly tilting forward the pelvis and having a curve in their spine.

Due to this type of walking they often have an overpronation of their feet or feet that are flat. With the flat feet, there is a flattening of the foot’s arch and an inward roll of the feet while walking. Pain will be the top side effect of this type of gait in pregnant women. There are some factors that happen when a woman is pregnant that may add to the discomfort:

• An increase in the woman’s weight.
• A change in the gait of the woman.
• The relaxing of the ligaments throughout the body.
• The body weight is not correctly balanced as it is shifted forward due to the increasing size of the woman’s belly.

Painful Feet

A pregnant woman develops an increase in weight along with a body frame that is heavier and a belly that bulges. A definite posture change will also be noticed. Activities of daily life become very difficult for the pregnant woman to accomplish such as pulling, lifting, and pushing of objects. Swelling generally occurs in the second and third trimesters of the pregnancy.

Foot pain will be a major factor of foot swelling as swelling is typically seen more in the lower extremities. In some very rare cases, the swelling can be seen in the face and hands of some pregnant women. Often a woman will experience bloating with the swelling and this will a very uncomfortable feeling as well.

Various Treatments

There are several methods to help with the symptoms associated with pregnancy. These will be suggested by most doctors as a first line of therapy. Some of these are as follows:

 • Try to raise the feet at least one foot above the level of the heart and prop them up with soft pillows when available.
• Never use tight socks or shoes as this will restrict and slow circulation.
• Do leg stretches whenever possible and develop a regimen for exercises to benefit the body while pregnant.
• Always eat a well balanced diet. Limit the intake of salt or food high in sodium.
• Pregnant women should try to sleep on their side especially in the last trimester. This sleeping technique is beneficial for the heart and helps to relieve pressure.

Foot cramps as well as leg cramps often can be walked off when they occur. Pregnant women suffering with these cramps should walk as well stretching the toes many times until the cramps are under control once again. If any of these symptoms get to where they become too painful, the pregnant woman should seek treatment from their physician. Some weight gain is normal but a great deal of weight gain could be a sign of something that may be not only dangerous to the woman but to the unborn child as well.
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