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Function of Heel Cups

Many people require some extra heel support in their shoes and adequately find this with the use of heel cups. These are inserts for the shoes that give this added support. Heel cups are often used by people who are on their feet for a great amount of time each day as they provide cushioning and aid in distributing the pressure evenly over the surface of the heel. Additionally, they are sometimes recommended by a podiatrist along with the use of corrective footwear in the treatment and prevention of some conditions such as deformities of the feet, injuries to the feet or ankles, and imbalanced gait or walking.

Physicians may prescribe inserts or they can also be bought over-the-counter at many drug stores and retail chain stores. There are many different types and qualities of inserts available and most generally there are several sizes to choose from. Often when these are prescribed, they are also specially made using a mold so that they exactly fit the form of one’s heel for better performance and longer wear. It is often a good idea to seek the advice of a podiatrist before using heel cups to make sure that using them is beneficial.

Recommended Uses

Heel cups or inserts have many different uses. However, incorrect and unnecessary use can possibly lead to some type of injury to the foot or ankle. Some areas of suggested use are as follows:

• To deliver the proper support and shock absorption for those with plantar fasciitis.
• To replace the loss of support in the heels of favorite shoes.
• Added comfort for those who often on a daily basis walk or stand on their feet for long periods of time.

• Heel cups add an amount of padding that helps by softly compressing the heel and ankle which will reduce as well as eliminate swelling that sometimes occurs when one suffers with circulation problems.

• The feet of those who run or jog each day endure impact shock to the heels and with the use of inserts this shock is absorbed.

Heel pain sufferers for whatever reason usually benefit to a great degree from heel cup insertion.

• Employees in jobs that require that one be on their feet for most of the work day find great comfort and productivity increase when they are comforted by the use of heel inserts.

• Individuals who suffer with posture problems receive improvement as these cups help to stimulate correct posture due to the added support of the legs and feet.

Those who plan or need to use heel cups need to be certain that the heel cups fit their shoes well. There should be no amount of buckling or compression of the insert. If one finds that there is a problem in finding heel cups that fit well, a podiatrist should be consulted to aid in selecting proper fitting inserts. If heel cups do not fit, the feet can become chaffed or may develop calluses and other painful conditions.
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