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How to Get Foot Smell Out of Your

Numerous people have a problem with sweaty feet that have a bad odor. This foot odor is caused by the growth of bacteria and it thrives in moist and warm environments such as inside sweaty, smelly shoes. Unfortunately, this odor tends to remain in the shoes long after the sweaty feet have been removed.

When trying to combat the odor of the shoes, one should keep in mind that in order to get rid of the odor the cause which is bacteria must first be eliminated. Some home remedies to help rid the odor are:

• After an individual takes off their shoes at the end of the day, they should thoroughly cover the inside of each shoe with baking soda and place each shoe in a separate plastic bag. If possible, one should then place the bagged shoes in a freezer overnight. The bacteria will die in the frigid temperature of the freezer and the odor will be absorbed by the baking soda. When the shoes are removed from the freezer on the following day, they should be placed in a properly vented area for some time in order to allow any moisture that might remain to evaporate.

• For those who may not have a freezer as an option to kill the bacteria, try filling a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying the insides of the shoes until generously coated. Place the shoes over on the sides. Allow the shoes to sit for some time in order to give the alcohol enough time to kill the bacteria. After doing so, thoroughly cover the shoe insides with baking soda to absorb the moisture and remaining odor.

There are a variety of products available that boast to be the best at eliminating the odor of shoes and to help with stinky feet. Several attempts may need to be made in order to find the one that works the best for the odor of the shoes. Prevention is the best method of fighting this type of problem. Individuals should try to keep their feet and shoes dry.

Odor Prevention

With various products and suggestions widely available, individuals must use trial and error to find what works best for them and their sweaty feet and stinky shoes. Prevention of this type of odor may be possible with some of the suggestions that follow:

Always maintain the feet with proper foot care. After washing the feet or showering, always dry them well and dry between the toes as well. This is a prime place for bacterial growth on the feet as it is warm and moist.

• Try putting an anti-perspirant on the feet in order to maintain dryness.

Coat the insides of each shoe with some type of powder to help in the absorption of moisture.

• Try wearing thicker socks made of cotton and if the socks become wet or damp with sweat, change the socks when convenient to do so.

• When the shoes that have been worn become damp or wet always try to avoid wearing them again until they have completely dried. To avoid the possibility of the development of fungus or other bacterial infection, throw away shoes that still have an odor after different treatments have failed to work.
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