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How to Get Rid of Spider Veins Naturally

Spider veins are caused by a number of reasons. Being overweight, living a physically inactive lifestyle, and even genetics play a role in whether a person will have spider veins. But what do you do to treat existing spider veins in your arms, legs, neck, and face? Here are a few ideas to help you battle these pesky veins without costly surgery.

Get Enough Exercise

One of the reasons which cause the appearance of spider veins is the improper flow of blood into the veins. When you get enough exercise, you improve your body’s blood and oxygen circulation, thereby eliminating future spider veins and improving the appearance of the existing ones. You’ll also feel a lot healthier and become fit!

Spider veins can develop if you sit or stand in the same position for a very long time. When you move around and get enough exercise, you get your blood circulating in the right direction and avoid having spider veins in the future.

Use Compression Stockings

Compression stockings can be purchased in a drugstore without a prescription. What these stockings do is prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction. You should consult a doctor to find out how long and how often you should wear compression stockings. This usually differs depending on how severe or how mild your spider veins are.

Using Vitamin K Cream

Using a Vitamin K cream is another way to get rid of spider veins without surgery. Vitamin K cream, aside from removing spider veins, is also known for removing dark circles under the eyes. This method has plenty of advantages over surgical procedures in removing spider veins.

First of all, the cream is very affordable compared to getting medical procedures done. Secondly, the spider vein cream is very easy to apply – all you have to do is to take the right amount and apply it into the affected area and you’re finished. Third, you don’t have to drive or travel to see a doctor or go to the hospital to get this treatment done. You can do it yourself in your own home with complete privacy. Lastly, using a spider vein cream is painless; you do not need any anesthetics to apply it on your skin unlike other procedures which can be painful.

It is a good rule of thumb to see your doctor first before deciding on which treatment you want to undergo. Your doctor will be able to assess the severity or the mildness of your spider veins and provide alternative ways to get rid of them before resorting to surgery.

You can get rid of spider veins without surgery, although it will take a bit longer to see visible results compared with surgical treatments. When you compare the costs as well as possible side effects plus how painful these treatments can be, it is worth the wait. However, if you are the type of person who doesn’t mind the costs and want to get rid of your spider veins immediately, then surgery is your best option.

By Carrie Jones
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