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Glycerin as a Humectant for Feet

Many people suffer from dry skin and use a wide variety of skin moisturizer products. Some spend great amounts of money purchasing top brand skin products while overlooking pure glycerin. It is very affordable and one of the best treatments for dry skin. Glycerin is widely available at most all pharmacies and retail stores but is usually located in different departments within each store as it has so many different uses.

Often, it is packaged for sale in brown plastic bottles and usually retails for less than three dollars. Glycerin is a humectant which means it induces the attraction of moisture to the skin. It is water soluble and will dissolve in alcohol but will not dissolve in oils.

Uses of Glycerin

A versatile form of glycerin can be found in shampoos and conditioners as well as moisturizers and lotions. As well as being good for the skin, glycerin can be used in making a natural soap. This exceptional product can also be used in many of the following ways:

• Use glycerin in place of expensive under the eye creams. Apply a thin layer at night as one would other nightly creams and wipe off any excess with a soft moist cloth.

• Use as an anti-frizz treatment for dry and unruly hair by diluting a small amount of glycerin with water in the palms of the hands. Thoroughly massage the mixture through the hair and style as usual.

• Apply glycerin to dry hands for a soft and luxurious feel. Simply rinse under warm water and the excess will easily come off.

• Use glycerin on dry hands just before a manicure. Apply to the hands and place thin cotton gloves over hands for ten to fifteen minutes before manicure in order to soften nails as well as cuticles.

Beneficial for Feet

Many individuals suffer from dryness to the feet more than to any other part of the body. Glycerin is an excellent solution to this ongoing problem. It will heal dryness and prevent cracked heels fro as well as prevent heel fissures from forming.

Recommendations are to pour and mix a generous amount of glycerin with water until it reaches the desired consistency. Follow by massaging the glycerin mixture into the feet and then placing a pair of thin oversized cotton socks on feet. Allow this treatment to stay on feet overnight for the best results. As glycerin is an all natural product it is safe to use it repeatedly.

Repeated use will also keep feet well moisturized. If the overnight treatment is not a desired option, one can simply allow the glycerin to stay on the feet for at least ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse with warm water. Follow by drying feet well and being sure to dry between toes as well. This method of moisturization should be repeated more often for maximum effects.
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