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How Do I Keep My Feet Looking Good?

An individual’s feet endure an enormous amount of punishment in the course of a normal day and keeping them looking good requires some effort and a bit of pampering. Everyone desires to have feet that look good and most all women feel that having pretty feet enhances their sex appeal. Many individuals follow a regimen for foot care as they do with the remainder of their body. There are many different things we can do make sure our feet are always looking good. Due to the fact that we are all unique individuals, you will find that what works in keeping one person’s feet looking good, may not work for you.

Persistence in Caring for Your Feet

After you have established the products and the routine that results in your feet looking their best, you must have persistence and follow the routine of caring for your feet in order to maintain the optimum results from day to day. Some suggestions that you might want to try in order to keep your feet looking good might be:

• Try soaking your feet in lukewarm water for ten to fifteen minutes, this will soften up the skin of your heels. While the heels of your feet are still damp gently remove thick skin with a pumice stone or a foot file. This will work on calluses as well.

• In a tireless effort to avoid getting athlete’s foot, you may find it very beneficial as well as relaxing to occasionally make a warm foot bath of tannic acid or black tea as it is known better as. This tea is an all natural agent with antibacterial properties that allow it to reduce the risk of contracting athlete’s foot.

• Botanicals like sugar, crushed fruit pits, and chemical exfoliate that can be found in many of the available moisturizing foot scrubs can help in the removal of dead skin. Applying a balm or foot cream rich in cocoa or Shea butter after using a foot scrub not only further softens the skin but helps to lock in moisture.

• Keep in mind that when you are attempting to soften tough calluses to look for heel creams and balms that contain salicylic acid or urea. You may also find that using over the counter medicated heel pads will help to soften calluses while you walk. Calluses that have been exfoliated benefit more from the use of a heavy cream moisturizer containing an emollient such as petrolatum or humectants which ultimately draws and locks moisture into the softened skin.

• Everyone is aware of the effects of the sun on our skin and the same precautions should be observed in protecting the feet from sunburn. The tops of the feet are vulnerable to sunburn and are often forgotten when applying sunscreen. You should look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15. This should be applied whether you are at the beach for the day or simply just wearing open toed sandals.

• Beautiful feet are relaxed feet and wearing an insole can make shoes more comfortable if you find yourself standing for long hours.

One Final Tip

Most all women feel that their look is not complete until their toenails are well groomed. The proper pedicure techniques are very important in the prevention of ingrown toenails and hangnails. The cuticle should always be gently pushed back and not cut in order to prevent an infection. Toenails should also be moisturized with a cuticle cream or vitamin E oil. It is best to make sure the product covers the entire nail and the cuticle and it should be gently rubbed in.
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