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How to Combat Excessive Foot Sweating

Numerous people suffer with a disorder known as hyperhidrosis. These individuals produce excessive amounts of moisture each day. A foot contains 250,000 sweat glands that can produce as much as a half of a pint of sweat per day, which can result in extremely sweaty feet.

Each person is different and while some suffer from excessive underarm sweat, others have this problem with their feet which causes stinky feet, smelly feet, and foot odor. Without practicing some measures to combat this problem it can lead to scaling of the skin, fungal infections, and very unpleasant looking feet. Some people try one or a combination of the following to help to possibly control the sweating:

• Thoroughly wash both feet with some type of antibacterial soap every day. Make sure to also wash in between all of the toes and the bottom of the feet as well. Use the same technique when drying the feet, also being sure to dry between the toes. It may be helpful to try using a hairdryer’s cool setting to ensure feet get dry.

• Using some type of foot powder that contains an anti-fungal may help. If feet are smelly in addition to being sweaty, then select a powder that also includes zinc oxide and baking soda. .

• Try to avoid socks made of cotton and select those manufactured of synthetic materials. Socks made of cotton tend to trap moisture.

• When purchasing shoes, try to select a pair that is well ventilated especially when choosing an athletic shoe as these are generally for participating in some form of exercise such as running or walking and for use in a sport. Most of the available styles offer features to help in controlling the accumulation of sweating.

• Antiperspirant sprays work well to minimize sweating of the feet. The spray used for underarms can also be effective but has a lower concentration of aluminum chloride than a foot spray designed specifically for the feet.

• Hyperhidrosis treatments that are available by prescription from a physician including antiperspirant that is prescription strength. Many individuals report a substantial decrease in the amount of foot sweating following only a week of use. Doctors closely monitor their patients as some suffer itching and irritation upon using this medication.

Elaborate Measures

In some cases, no matter what the individual tries in their effort to reduce sweaty feet nothing seems to work. Some of the more fortunate ones have turned to Botox as an answer to the problem. By having Botox injected into the bottoms of the feet, many experienced less sweating and for some this reduction lasted for several months. Others found this procedure of having needles repeatedly stuck in the bottoms of their feet to be rather uncomfortable and rather expensive.
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