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How to Reduce Foot Calluses

Many people have calluses on their feet, and often look for ways to remove them. Oddly, however, calluses are simply your body’s reaction to pressure and friction that is continually being applied to any part of the skin – in this instance, your foot. And in some instances, removing the callus can actually remove your skin’s defenses, leading to an infection.

It is often better, then, to learn how to reduce foot calluses as opposed to seeking out ways to eradicate them. Preventing callouses in the first place is your best course of action. You can reduce foot callous by:

Wearing shoes that fit well.

Ill-fitting shoes are a big culprit in causing calluses, and you can reduce foot calluses by wearing shoes that are comfortable and well-adjusted.

Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable or that put excessive pressure on the foot will cause calluses as well as other problems like bunions or hammertoe. Women, in particular, are notorious for wearing high-heel, tight-fitting shoes or boots, but men are also susceptible to abnormalities in the foot and calluses from wearing work boots or other shoes that do not fit properly.

Invest in a great pair of shoes that fit well, or at very minimum, invest in some great-fitting insoles for your existing shoes. Avoid open-back shoes that give the foot too much freedom to expand.

Keep your skin healthy.

Using a good moisturizer or lotion on a regular (daily) basis can help to prevent calluses. Dry skin can lead to calluses and cracked heels. There are some foot creams that are specifically formulated for the treatment of calluses, and they work to soften the area and can eventually remove the callus altogether. Both men and women should keep their feet, toes, and ankles well-moisturized.

Treat your feet to a soak.

 A twice weekly soak is not only a luxury that can help you relax and unwind, it can also help to reduce calluses or prevent them in the first place. Use a good, exfoliating scrub and pumice stone to remove patches of dry skin on the feet, and to slough away hard skin. A homespun remedy of three parts warm water to one part apple cider vinegar makes a perfect ten minute foot soak; use a pumice after soaking to remove dead skin.

For calluses that are caused by skin conditions like plantar keratosis or bone spurs, seek the help of your physician for treatment. For those people that are diabetic or have circulatory problems, a podiatrist opinion should be sought prior to treating calluses or before attempting to reduce the number of calluses experienced. Due to the high risk of infection, a diabetic should never attempt to remove a callus on their own.
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