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Most Effective Treatments for Smelly Feet

Many individuals suffer with the embarrassment of smelly feet and tirelessly try to hide and mask their foot odor. Sweating from the feet and the shoes a person wears contributes immensely to this problem. Although sweating can cause some foul odors, it is a very important process that helps maintain an individual’s body temperature as well as shed waste products from the body.

One’s feet contain sweat glands and each foot has over 250,000 of these glands but the main reason for the odor is the waste product of bacteria taking in the sweat. No matter what the reasoning behind the smell, there are some suggestions to help with the odor:

• Always practice good hygiene by washing feet daily with an anti-bacterial soap in order to remove bacteria.
• Change into clean and dry socks daily.
• Choose socks made of natural fibers or cotton in order to absorb sweat effectively.
• Rotate the use of shoes. Switch shoes each day giving a 24 hour period for the removal of moisture and odors.
• It may be beneficial to use odor eater inserts in your shoes.

• The application of deodorants and antiperspirants to the feet often helps control the odor as well as the sweating. There are also some home remedies that may be effective for some:

• Try dusting feet with baby powder or baking soda before putting on shoes to help reduce sweating.

• Make a foot soak from strong black tea. Soak feet for approximately 30 minutes a day for a week. Black tea contains tannic acid that helps to kill bacteria and will close the pores of the feet which will help to keep feet dry for an extended period of time.

• Another soak can be made of two parts water to one part vinegar and it acts much in the same way as the black tea.
Dead sea salt can also be used to have clean and odorless feet while also helping with dryness.

Use Precaution

Anyone suffering from smelly feet should use caution when trying any of these suggestions to the problem and remember that cleanliness is the first step to all suggestions. Individuals should make certain that they have no allergies to any of the ingredients mentioned.

Lastly, perfumes and scented sprays should never be used to try to cover up the odor as this will only make the aroma worse. However, if an individual continues to be bothered with this problem they may want to seek the advice of a medical professional. In some instances prescription medication may be needed to manage the problem.
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