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OTC Treatments for Foot Arthritis

Whether due to injury, disease or age, many individuals develop and suffer with foot arthritis. Arthritis in any form or with any condition can be mildly painful to very severe in nature. Arthritis foot pain not only causes foot pain in the joints and bones but one may also experience a limit in the ability to move and the foot may be stiff and swollen.

As there are many treatments available today that a physician or specialist may prescribe to reduce the symptoms, there are many also accessible over the counter at pharmacies and various retail stores.

Some of these improve and maintain the functioning of the foot joints. Potential use of over the counter medications should be discussed with the doctor or specialist that has been treating the foot arthritis to ensure that it is safe to add one or more of these medications to your daily regimen. Listed as follows are some types of treatments that someone suffering with foot arthritis may find joint pain relief in using:

• Pain relievers like acetaminophen. However this medication will not aid in the reduction of inflammation.
• To relieve swollen and painful joints try something from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. • Some supplements may have to be used for up to a month before any results can be seen or felt such as in the case of the use of S-adenosylmethionine.

• Glucosamine sulfate to relieve some discomfort and promote the ease of movement in the joints of the foot.
• Chrondroitin sulfate is also good for pain and discomfort.
• Supplements such as fish oil may produce a reduction in the amount of morning stiffness one is suffering.
• Variety of creams that can be rubbed onto the foot for pain relief.
• Exercise to improve functioning and mobility.
• Physical therapy over a period of time can help with mobility and stabilization of the pain.

Regardless of the type of remedy that is chosen, it is important to read the label of the product for instructions on use and recommended dosage. An individual could also ask the treating physician or local pharmacist for any special instructions he or she may suggest. However, most all over the counter treatments are only developed to treat mild pain issues, foot swelling and small amounts of inflammation.

If after a few days of using a product if an individual does not feel relief to some degree, the medication should be stopped. Any adverse reaction or worsening of symptoms should be brought to a person’s attending physician or specialist.

Some Side Effects

All medications whether over the counter or prescription have a potential of side effects. Some of these could be mild and others could be very serious and even life threatening with the possibility of death occurring. There are many risk factors to consider before starting a medication especially if it is one that has never been used before. Never misuse or overuse any type of medication at all.
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