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Paraffin Wax Treatments for Feet

The majority of people spend a great deal of time during the course of a day on their feet. As a result the feet become tired, tense, and stressed just like the rest of the body does. Daily abuse and neglect of the feet also causes the skin of the feet to become dry and flaky and often may lead to cracked heels.

Many have found it very beneficial to apply paraffin wax to the feet as a means of moisturizing the skin. This will not only moisturize but soften the skin and improves the overall condition of the feet. The warmth of the wax helps to relieve the tension and stress in the feet. Paraffin waxing can not only be done at home and in spas but many hair salons that also perform manicures and pedicures may also offer this service.

At Home Waxing Before paraffin waxing is performed on the feet, they should first be thoroughly washed and then if needed the toenails should be cleaned and trimmed as well as filed into shape. However, any type of polish should be applied after finishing the paraffin waxing. Paraffin waxing is a rather simple task to perform.

One of the best techniques to follow is as follows:

• Once the melted wax is to a certain temperature that is tolerable to the individual, a choice of scented oil can be added as a form of aromatherapy.

• Dip the foot until it is completely coated. Upon removing the foot from the wax it will begin to cool and form to the shape of the foot. When the wax has slightly hardened, the foot should be dipped in the wax again and will form another layer. It is optional as to the number of times that the foot is dipped.

• After the number of coatings that an individual desires has been applied, the foot should be placed in a clean, thick towel. This helps to keep the heat of the wax from escaping. This in turn will ease any foot pain as well as tension and stress from the foot.

Waxing also aids in the circulation of the blood throughout the body. Additionally it moisturizes the skin by opening the pores and allowing moisturization to enter deep into the skin.

Some suggest that using large plastic bags to pour the warmed waxed into and then placing the foot into the bag while others prefer to use a tub for waxing. After completion of one foot, paraffin waxing of the other foot can begin. Upon completion of the waxing, the old wax should be disposed of in the trash and thrown away. Paraffin waxing can be done as often as an individual wants.

Professional Waxing

All professional spas and salons use different variations of paraffin waxing. Whatever type of waxing procedure that the establishment uses, individuals should inquire before having it done as to what kind of practices are used in cleaning up after a wax is completed. Good hygiene and safety procedures should be followed and it is not sanitary to reuse old wax as fungal infection and bacteria may have contaminated the wax. Proper sanitization should also be performed on the vat that the wax was melted in and the foot was dipped in.
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