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Home Remedies for Poor Foot Circulation

Middle aged persons and senior citizens quite frequently suffer from some sort of circulatory disorder. Some have hypertension that is most commonly the end result of the depositing of plaque due to cholesterol. These deposits are along the walls of the arteries and they become hardened and constricted. This constriction makes the blood exert excessive force against the blood vessels walls in turn raising the blood pressure.

These same fatty deposits that cause hypertension also cause hardening of the arteries. Varicose veins may also develop due to a loss of elasticity of the vein walls and is common in a single leg but more often in both legs.

Circulation in the

Circulation problems are often present in the feet also. Diabetics find that they commonly have blood circulation problems in the feet and often complain of their feet being cold or of a tingling and sometimes numb feeling in the feet. Lack of circulation in the feet may cause the retention of fluid and swelling in the feet.

As with all illnesses and especially those of a serious nature, most people opt to seek the help of a trained medical professional such as a doctor or a specialist in the area of the disease process. While a certain number of individuals are now looking in to treatments that can be found over-the-counter for one reason or another.

Some simply desire to treat themselves while others may have lost their health benefits with the current state of the economy. For whatever reason there are some remedies that may be beneficial and can be found over-the-counter:

• It is extremely important that blood moves from cell to cell for health and longevity. Cayenne is a great herb to handle nearly all circulation issues. Cayenne is also known as Capsicum. It can be use as a stimulant and an antiseptic also as well as aid in the digestion of food.

Taken internally it can stimulate the heart, regulate blood flow, and give strength to arteries and capillaries. Externally for poor circulation it is used as the base for creams. The creams stimulate circulation and also have analgesic properties.

Ginkgo Biloba boosts circulation by greatly increasing blood flow. German doctors use this herb to treat varicose veins which affect the feet as well. It also strengthens the blood vessels throughout the body including those of the feet. This contains properties that will also treat, thrombosis, cramps, and spontaneous bruising.

Additional Circulation

Most all grocery stores carry onions and garlic and both of these will enhance the circulation of blood throughout the body and will also promote relaxation of muscles. Those who are at risk for poor circulation in their feet and at risk for heart disease may find benefits in regular consumption of these food products.
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