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The Best Types of Cream to Treat Dry Feet

Statistics show that the average person walks an approximate 115,000 miles in a lifetime. Unimaginatively, that would be equal to walking around the world four times. Once you factor in the wearing of high heels and pointy toed shoes for women and often heavy and stiff work related foot apparel for men, most all individuals feet really take a beating from day to day. The majority fails to pamper their feet and in all reality this is one part of the body that deserves the most pampering.

 Neglecting to care for the feet properly can result in dryness that can eventually crack and be most uncomfortable as well as unappealing. Many find that the best solution to caring for dry feet is the application of foot cream. This not only could be the solution but could also be used before dryness occurs as a method of prevention.

Selecting a Foot Cream

With a very competitive industry hosting many brands, it is difficult to know which one to choose that will be the most effective. Even with so many to choose from there are still only a very few that actually perform in delivering a therapeutic result. Most all foot creams are just basic creams. When choosing a cream for the feet it is helpful to keep in mind that it needs to be more than just a moisturizer.

In order for a foot cream to deliver the therapy that is needed it should offer ingredients that will target the problems that an individual is experiencing, such as:

 • To be highly effective in the treatment of dryness and cracked heels, it may contain Super Sterol Liquid. This liquid helps to rebuild the outer layer of your skin known as the barrier.

• Many will not only relieve dryness but also soothe foot pain and relax tension by containing the Super Sterol Liquid as well as Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus. These are excellent for their soothing and cooling effects.

• Dry feet often are painful and may itch as well. Some creams contain Manuka Oil which acts as an antihistamine in relieving the itching.

• Another good combination of oils to look for in a cream are Neem and Karanja Oils, however, these oils have a rather offensive aroma unless mixed with Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils.

• Known for enhancing relaxation as well as being an anti-septic with anti-inflammatory and purifying benefits, Lavender Essential Oil is not only beneficial to dry feet but also helpful in relaxing the tension of the overworked foot.

Daily Routine

It may take a few different brands before an individual finds the foot cream that works the best for the condition of their feet. Most experts agree that everyone should use some sort of cream on the feet each day. Delivery of this daily moisturization helps in the prevention of developing issues with the skin of the feet such as dryness and cracked heels.
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