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Treatments for Foot Psoriasis

Even with all the modern advancements in medicine and science, psoriasis still has no cure. However, there are a wide assortment of treatments and remedies available to help control this condition. To help in the control of psoriasis there are skin products such as creams and ointments as well as the use of phototherapy and medications to be taken orally.

The most common type of this condition is very mild and the simple application of skin products is sufficient treatment. However, all types of psoriasis usually return. Treatment only slows the skin cell growth and aids in the reduction of inflammation.

Treatment Overview

The type of treatment used on psoriasis depends greatly on the condition’s severity and location. An individual’s age and state of health also plays an important role in the selection of treatment. Psoriasis cause both physical and emotional problems for most of those suffering with the ailment. Physical suffering may come in the form of the pain and the discomfort of the rash. Emotional suffering may occur due to the embarrassment of the rash that may be visible to others.

Treatment of psoriasis will be different in each person as the symptoms vary from person to person. To treat raised patches of skin irritation, individuals should choose to moisturize the skin with ointments, lotions, or creams. If the scalp becomes dry and flaky, application of special shampoos and oils should be done. Sunlight often helps to minimize the outbreaks of psoriasis as well. Prescription medication may need to be started in the event nothing over the counter is working for an individual. In addition, there is no evidence that an individual’s diet has any affect on the psoriasis.

Some Thoughts

One should keep in mind that it may be necessary to try more than one medication before one that will work is found. Any new symptoms should be closely monitored and reported to the treating physician. Those with psoriasis should also consider educating themselves about their condition. Practicing techniques to relieve stress and relax the muscles may be a great benefit for the individual. Learning to control the outbreak of one’s psoriasis is of major importance and steps to do so are:

• Keep skin protected from irritants and injury.
• Treat and care for the scalp.
• Cut finger and toenails to reduce the possibility of a psoriasis flare up or the spread of the psoriasis.
• Limit exposure to the sun for long periods of time. Some sunlight is beneficial but sunburns can cause the psoriasis to flare up.
• Monitor medication intake and always ask the attending doctor before beginning a new medicine as this could cause an outbreak.

There are also a number of home remedies that may work well for some individuals. As mentioned before, moisturization is always important as well as these other suggestions:

• Removal of psoriasis crusting by softening and gently peeling away the loose crusting.
• Schedule daily sunlight exposure when possible or follow a regiment of UV treatments when recommended.
• Seek counseling for any emotional issues.
• Keep all doctors’ appointments and follow their instructions diligently. Psoriasis is a condition that one will have their entire lives.

Learning to deal with all aspects of this ailment can be hard for many. Most people who have psoriasis lead normal and productive lives once they learn how to take care of and deal with all the issues that accompany the condition.
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