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What Are Flat Feet and Do They Cause Foot Pain?

Many people have the common problem of flat feet. This is a condition where the arch of one’s foot is flat and the whole foot touches the surface of where one is standing. Flat feet often become a problem a young age if development of the arches fails.

Sometimes injuries may occur that will cause the arches to flatten and the aging process often contributes to this condition as well. Having flat feet is most generally not painful unless the ankles inwardly turn causing the legs to be misaligned. This misalignment of the legs can often be painful but in some cases there is no pain at all.

Symptoms and Causes

Most individuals do not experience any type of symptoms due to the feet being flat. However, others may suffer with some of the following:

Foot pain
Heel pain
• Arch pain
• Swelling to the inner ankle.
• Inability or problem standing on the tips of the toes.

When a child or an adult of any age complains or suffers with pain in the feet or any of the other symptoms of flat feet, a physician should be consulted and often a podiatrist will be consulted. These symptoms should not be considered a normal part of growing or of aging. The exception to this is with infants and in toddlers as the arch of their feet will be flat until they have fully developed.

Increasing the Risk

Sometimes there are certain factors which can add to a person’s chances of developing flat feet. Some of these factors are as follows:

• Being extremely overweight.
• Injuring the ankle.
• Injuring the foot.
• Development of rheumatoid arthritis.
• Naturally going through the process of aging.

Helpful Suggestions

For the individuals that are suffering due to having flat feet there are some things that can be done to alleviate some of the discomfort. Following are some suggestions:

• Performing simple stretches of the foot and ankle as well as the lower leg.
• Placing arch supports in shoes for added support.
• Make sure to get an adequate amount of rest.
• Try to abstain from actions that cause any discomfort.
• Obtain and follow the recommended dosing of some type of over the counter medication for pain.
• Try following a diet that will induce some weight loss.

If an individual finds that they are suffering a great deal and cannot seem to be able to relieve their discomfort, they should seek the advice of their physician. An important tip to remember when seeing a medical professional for flat feet is to remember to either wear or take the footwear that is usually worn on a day to day basis in order for the pattern of wear on the bottoms of the shoes to be evaluated. This is important in helping with a diagnosis as well as a treatment.
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