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What Are The Most Common Foot Complaints

Individuals of this fast paced world of today are finding that they are spending an increasing amount of time on their feet. With this increase also comes an influx of complaints about the conditions of the feet. One of the most common, however, is that of having dry feet and often cracked heels. Usually this can be taken care of with a simple moisturizing foot cream.

Some other common complaints may require more extensive treatment, such as:

• Often, a fungal skin infection known as Athlete’s Foot may occur and first show signs between the fourth and fifth toes and occasionally it will spread to the toenails and the soles of the feet. The most common symptom is simply the itching but may also include stinging sensation, burning, redness, scaling and peeling, as well as a foul foot odor. Some more severe infections may cause blistering of the feet with the appearance of weeping.

• When the first and fifth toe joints are unable to function normally, a bony malalignment or prominence forms called a bunion. Most usually the symptoms are pain along with redness and swelling around the joints.

• Numerous amounts of people experience burning feet or hot feet. This is described as a burning sensation and does not actually mean that the feet are hot to the touch. Many different medical conditions can cause this and in order to obtain proper treatment it is important to seek medical attention to determine what is causing this. Cold foot wraps should never be utilized to gain relief until the cause is determined because further damage could occur if neuropathy is present.

• Many also experience a cold sensation or cold feet in one or even both feet. Assessment of this problem should be obtained as soon as possible. Sometimes this could indicate poor circulation, poor blood supply as well as other systemic diseases such as diabetes.

• Corns and callus lesions are the buildup of dead skin and usually occur at points where the skin endures extra pressure or reoccurring irritation. These are often present in those who repeatedly fit themselves with footwear that is too narrow or tight. Poor alignment of the bones of the feet can also cause these corns and calluses to be seen on the soles of the feet as well as between and on the top of the toes.

• Some people find themselves embarrassed by smelly foot odor. This is caused by the over activity of germs that live on our bodies. Our feet spend large amounts of time in a warm, dark, and moist environment where these germs flourish and allow for perspiration to break down thus producing foot odor. Many find the use of foot antiperspirant sprays and powders very beneficial.

• Many times the whole toenail or just a small amount of the toenail may grow into the skin. It may penetrate the surface of the skin thus producing an ingrown toenail. These most commonly occur in the big or great toe but the smaller toes are also susceptible as well. Many times these can be avoided by proper cutting of the nails but in some instances they are caused by an injury or some type of trauma to the nail. Whatever the cause the usual treatment is removal of all or part of the nail through a surgical procedure.

Seek Professional Advice

Regardless of the complaint, one should always seek advice from a medical professional about the problem and possible treatments. With issues regarding the feet, one may benefit from seeing a podiatrist as they specialize in the study of the feet and related issues.
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