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What Causes Hot Feet?

In ever increasing numbers, more and more people are complaining of having hot feet or of experiencing a burning sensation in the feet. This condition occurs to many different types of people and has many different causes. However, people over fifty years old and diabetics tend to be more likely to suffer with this ailment. Whatever the cause having hot feet is very uncomfortable and even irritating to those enduring it.

Some of the more common causes of having hot feet are:

• Diabetics often experience hot feet or a sensation of burning in their feet because of diabetic neuropathy or the loss of feeling in the feet.

• Other types of nerve damage or neuropathy associated with chronic alcoholism, heavy metal poisoning, and vitamin deficiencies may also cause hot feet.

• Individuals who spend a great amount of time each day on their feet may tend to have problems with aching and burning feet due to their feet simply being fatigued.

• Often feet become hot and sweaty due to the type of socks and/or shoes that a person wears.

• Being overweight or what is known as a mechanical overload will also contribute to the problem of hot feet or a burning sensation in the feet.

• Many blood disorders like thrombocytopenia and pernicious anemia can cause this disorder of the feet.

• Problems with the circulatory system such as erythromelalgia may cause burning in the feet.

• The compression of the nerve inside the joint of the ankle known as tarsal tunnel syndrome can cause the sensation of burning to the feet. This is also known as nerve entrapments.

• Other more common causes of a burning sensation in the feet may be Athlete’s foot, fungal infection, and metatarsalgia.
• Many overlook but hot feet or a burning sensation may simply be contact dermatitis due to being sensitive to substances of a chemical nature in socks or shoes.

As there are many different possible causes to this problem, there are also many different treatments. However, the type of treatment one will receive will depend upon the cause of the ailment. It is essential to have an accurate diagnosis in order to treat as well as prevent any future problems.

Seeking Diagnosis

Individuals with a burning sensation to their feet or with hot feet need to seek the advice of their physician who will most likely refer them to a podiatrist for further examination. Often some testing may need to be done including nerve conduction velocity testing, X-rays, and blood tests. A complete and detailed evaluation of the individual’s history will also need to be gathered to further help in proper diagnosis.

Relief at Home

It may take some time to obtain all the necessary testing in order for the physician to make a diagnosis. Until an affirmative cause of the burning sensation or hot feet is known there are certain things that one may try to help to alleviate some of this discomfort. Following are some suggestions that individuals suffering from this condition may find helpful:

• Try wearing shoes and socks that allow room for the feet to adequately breathe.

• Wear socks that are manufactured of natural fibers like cotton and wool.

• Wear shoes made of real leather and not imitation leather.

• Reduce the intake of alcohol and cigarettes.

• Apply a cooling foot cream to the feet whenever possible.

• Allow feet to soak in a tub of cool water to obtain some relief instantly.

• For overweight people, try using an insole that provides a great amount of cushioning when standing.

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