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What Is Supination?

Many individuals have a hand or foot that has a type of rotation that is called or medically termed Supination. When there is Supination of the hand the palm will face upward due to the movement in the arm and hand. With Supination of the foot the sole will face upward because of the type of movement of the foot. A supinated foot uses the sole’s external edge to bear the body’s weight.

Walking and Running

Supination is frequently used when discussing it in the provisions of walking and running although it most generally refers to both feet and hands. While walking and running, the foot may roll somewhat resultant of leaning in the tread toward the foot’s outward edge. This can be favorable as it creates a firm surface for the foot to propel off of to take an additional step. Factually, this happens automatically when walking and running to give some leverage and aid in moving one’s body forward.

Excessive Supination

A variation of factors can cause excessive Supination such as prior injuries. Often something as simple as a sprained ankle can lead to this type of Supination due to the fact that many times in this injury the tendons and ligaments that help to limit Supination are damaged or may become over extended and weak. When Supination becomes excessive there are some very significant issues that may develop. The stability providing muscles and tendons of the ankle often are strained and overworked and may cause a complete roll over of the ankle leading to problems with the knee, damage to ligaments or an ankle sprain.

Shoe Examination

To some degree, most everyone has Supination in the hands or feet and many are prone to excessive Supination. In order to determine if an individual suffers with excessive Supination, shoes should be inspected to see if they are more worn at the outer edge in comparison to the rest of the shoe. If this is positively determined, it is more than likely that the person does indeed excessively supinate. Another marker of excessive Supination is the formation of calluses along the outer edge of the foot as well as having an unusually large joint resting in between one’s little toe and the foot.

Basic Suggestions for Supination

Once a person has determined that they likely suffer from excessive supination, choosing well fitting shoes should be a top priority. Most of the common shoe stores may not be able to accommodate an individual with the type of shoe that is needed. Specialty shoe stores however are able to evaluate one’s gait when walking and performance while running. This enables the shoe store to fit individuals with footwear that fits well and offers arch supports that are customized to the foot. Other orthotic items may be needed as well.

Cases of Supination that are more severe in nature may benefit from physical therapy which will need to be discussed first with a physician or podiatrist.
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