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What is Urethin and Does It Help With Foot Calluses?

Of all the parts of the body, the feet take the most abuse and mistreatment from the daily activities of life. Many individuals stand for extended periods of time on their feet and often wear the wrong type of footwear. Feet are often neglected by the care given to them at home by failing to keep them well moisturized. What are Calluses? Numerous people suffer with corns and calluses also known as clavi.

These are growths that form over bony projections where there is constant pressure. Contrary to what most people believe bones are not smooth but have many radiating and rough projections and when constant pressure happens to be on top of one of these areas a callus or numerous calluses often form. The formation of these calluses is one type of the body’s defense mechanisms to aid in the protection of these bony projections.

Treating Calluses

The major problem with the formation of calluses is the discomfort and in order to alleviate this discomfort the pressure must first be relieved. Many try using a donut pad which helps to keep some of the pressure off of the bone. This may also in turn reduce some of the pain as well aid in the prevention of any further damage. After the issue of the pain and pressure is addressed, one will then need to focus on trying to remove the callus.

The dead skin that has formed will need to be carefully removed by using a razor blade or some type of nail trimmer as sometimes this crust like formation becomes very hard especially if it has been formed for extended amount of time.

Often this process of trimming which is known as debridement is much easier if the callus is first softened with one of the available softening products. Urethin is one of the best as it helps by breaking down the hardened skin of the callus. It also will help in eliminating any cracked feet, or skin fissures that may form.

Urethin is usually available in many of the callus softening treatments that are available over the counter at local pharmacies and in many retail stores. By simply checking the label and looking for a product that contains at least twenty percent of Urethin will be suffice.

Product Application

Before applying the product containing Urethin, one should perform proper foot care. This helps to not only further aid in the softening of the callus but also helps in the prevention of any potential infection during debridement. By following some of the following suggestions, those suffering with calluses may gain some relief:

• First, in order to help soften the skin of the callus, one may simply soak the foot with callus in a tub of very warm and soapy water.

• Before the water becomes cool, thoroughly wash and dry the foot remembering to also completely dry between the toes as well.
• Apply a softening product that contains Urethin to the callus in a thick layer. Allow this to stay on for at least thirty minutes in order to better soften the callus.

Other ingredients to look for in combination with the Urethin are glycolic acid, lactic, and salicylic acid. These also will help to soften the area.

• Debridement with a razor blade or some type of nail trimmer should be done. Caution should be used when trimming this dead skin off as not to go to deep into the tissue that is not dead as this will cause bleeding and may cause infection.
• Following the debridement one may apply a donut patch to maintain the alleviation of pressure as this will be a process that may be ongoing. The formation of corns and calluses will continue unless the surface of the bone is not altered. This practice is not common as it requires surgery to smooth the projections and is considered a radical surgery.

This would usually only be recommended in situations where a person suffers from chronic ulcerating calluses. Continuation of a regular regimen to care for a callus that has formed is the usual treatment.
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