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What to Do For Foot Fatigue

With the hustle of a busy lifestyle, individuals often ignore the aches and pains that are being felt at the end of the day. More often than not, the aches and pains are those associated with the feet. However, many are learning that a fatigued foot is a painful foot. Fatigue will not only cause a person to suffer from pain but sometimes injury may result when ongoing pain is left untreated. To avoid this one should begin to pamper the feet.

There are other means of relieving a fatigued foot as well:

 • Start by purchasing a pair of comfortable and well-fitting shoes. In order to get a pair of shoes that fit well, individuals should have a salesman to size their feet and help in the selection of a comfortable and supportive pair. Shopping for shoes should always be done later in the course of the day when feet are fatigued and larger in size.

• Another aspect of foot fatigue is a person’s overall health. Regular check-ups with a physician to treat health problems that can contribute to foot fatigue such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and poor circulation is recommended.

• Many find it beneficial to stretch their feet and toes in the mornings before getting out of bed. This type of foot exercise will help make ready the muscles of your feet for the daily activities ahead. Even during the day, this may be helpful if feet begin to feel fatigued and can be performed discreetly under one’s desk at work or in the ladies room.

• Fatigued feet often become swollen and inflamed and may only be over- worked. Applying ice often helps; however, in case of some type of injury it is always best to seek medical attention.

• Some find it helpful to rotate the shoes they wear. This helps to keep feet feeling healthy. This also allows for each pair to have time to adequately dry until they are worn again which cuts down on the risk of bacteria forming in the presence of moisture.

Foot massages often reduce and even eliminate fatigue and soreness. This can be done at home and does not require the services of a professional.

• At the end of a long day, fatigued feet may benefit from a warm foot soak. Foot soaks can eliminate pain as well as tension. Often, adding fragrances such as chamomile which is known for its relaxing properties.

• Foot fatigue may also be alleviated by the use of arch supports in the shoes. Consulting a podiatrist or an in-store specialist to make sure that they are correctly positioned and of the right size is always a good idea.

Continued Fatigue

As we continue to have busy lives filled with activities that require us to be on our feet for lengthy amounts of time, then we will find ourselves constantly looking for new ways to combat and reduce foot fatigue. Keep in mind that fatigue that becomes painful and swollen and you are unable to gain any relief through relaxation or any other technique then you should see a podiatrist or other medical professional to determine the underlying cause of your discomfort.
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