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Using Aloe Vera Gel for Dry and Itchy Feet

Many individuals have various issues with their skin being either too dry or too oily. There are treatments and products available for almost any condition that may arise with the skin. One of these treatments is aloe vera gel. It not only soothes and speeds the healing process of burns that may be of the first and second degree and aids in the elimination of canker sores but it also moisturizes and relieves dry itchy skin on the feet.

Aloe vera gel repairs tissues that are damaged due to the vitamins and amino acids that it contains. The gel also has many compounds in it that when combined work well to help prevent or decrease inflammation as well as control pain in damaged or injured tissues.

Some studies even show that by applying aloe vera to certain conditions of the skin that the healing process was sometimes fifty percent faster than many that had not.

Using Aloe Vera

With the wide selection of skin care products that boast their ability to relieve and soothe dry and itchy feet and skin, aloe vera gel is one of the most proven to work. There are many different brands to choose from but just a typical aloe vera gel will be sufficient for use on dry and itchy feet.

An individual’s feet are one of the most used and abused parts of the body. Countless numbers of people stand on their feet for many hours a day and most of these have made a poor selection of shoes to wear which adds to the condition of the skin of the feet.

Neglecting to do proper foot care on a regular basis only adds to the problem of itching which usually develops from the skin being too dry. Some suggestions for delivering proper foot care are as follows:

• At the end of the day when an individual is about to retire to bed for the night, the feet should be occasionally soaked in warm water for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

• Adding one of the many scented oils to the water may help to relieve tension and stress as well as possibly induce a better night’s sleep for the individual.

• When the feet are done soaking, thoroughly dry them with a soft towel and be sure to even dry between the toes as this is a prime location for foot fungus to develop and thrive.

• If any care is needed to the nails of the feet, this would be the best time to trim, cut, and file the nails as they will be softened and much easier to care for at this time.

• Once nail care is completed, pour an ample amount of aloe vera gel into the hands and rub around in the hands in order to help warm the gel. Apply a liberal coat of the aloe vera gel to the feet being sure to coat the heels well. Allow this thick coat to stay on the feet for at least ten minutes.

• With a dry towel, usually not the one that was used to dry the feet, gently remove any excess aloe vera gel from the feet. Rub gently so as not to remove all the gel. Leave a light coating on the feet to help with the dryness and itching.

• Some find that putting on a loose pair of cotton socks after applying the aloe vera gel and wearing them overnight helps the gel to stay on longer, therefore, better moisturizing of the feet occurs. This should become a daily regimen until the itching and dryness subsides. If it continues after proper foot care has been delivered and nothing seems to be helping the condition, an individual should seek the advice of their family physician or of a podiatrist.
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